Why you need the microBIOMETER®

microBIOMETER® measures the amount of microbes less than 100 µm in size in a sample of soil or compost tea – these are the microbes that form the basis of the food web. It is well documented that microbial biomass is the best indicator of soil fertility: nutrition poor and challenged soils have very low microbial populations and that successful remediation results in an increase in the microbial population. The nutrition available to plants in a growing season is mineralized by the microbial population. We have shown that the microbial population of a compost sample reflects its nutritional level. microBIOMETER® allows you to capture the data that will allow you to scientifically monitor your activities and correlate microbial biomass with increasing soil fertility and vegetation outcomes. You can join the revolution that allows you to scientifically measure the parameters that ensure success.

Use the microBIOMETER® to:

  • Measure the microbial biomass in a compost sample. The higher the numbers of microbes the richer the compost.
  • Measure the microbial biomass in a sample of inoculum.
  • Measure the microbial biomasss in liquid soil amendment.
  • Calculate how much you can dilute your liquid soil amendment.
  • Track the changes in microbial biomass with season and treatment.
  • Track the recovery of soil by treatment – the vegetation will increase as the microbes increase.

Disruptive Technology to Simplify Agriculture/Horticulture

There are almost 2 million scientific articles that contain the term soil biomass in the title. Measurement up until this point has been by laboratory methods which are time consuming and expensive and do not deliver results in a manner that allows the data to be used for evaluation or decisions.

We expect that microBIOMETER® will lead to an explosion of data reporting the confluence of microbes and plant growth that will revolutionize horticultural practice.

microBIOMETER® compared with other methods of estimating MB

Microbial Biomass compared to other indicators of soil health

microBIOMETER® used to compare soil treatments

microBIOMETER® Starter Kit

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Starter Kit

This kit estimates microbial biomass by smartphone or tablet app. It provides tools required for processing of soil (whisker, soil sifter, soil sampler, case) and supplies for 10 tests.

Cost $185 -- plus Shipping and Handling

  • 10 Extraction vials with extraction fluid components
  • 1 10-sample TestCard for analyzing soil samples with the app
  • 1 Whisker
  • 1 soil sifter
  • 1 soil sampler
  • 10 disposable pipettes

Kit Refills

Supplies to analyze 10 soil samples

Cost $140 for 10 samples -- plus Shipping and Handling

    Includes (per 10 samples):
  • 10 Extraction vials with extraction fluid components
  • 1 10-sample TestCard for analyzing soil samples with the app
  • 10 disposable pipettes

Send your soil samples to us for analysis

Want us to test a sample for you?

Follow the instructions below and send the sample to us.

Cost: $20 for one sample, $15 per sample for 2 or more

    Instructions for shipping soil samples
  • For correct results soil must be moist when collected and must be received by us within 60 hours of collection. If you cannot mail immediately you can store in the refrigerator for up to a week – do not freeze.
  • Collect about ½ cup of moist soil from the top 2-3 inches of soil. Do not include wood chips. Mix it well and remove any visible roots, stones or debris.
  • Place a packed teaspoonful of soil into a snack baggie and seal. This volume of soil weighs <1/3 oz.
  • Include your Name and email address to which you want results mailed.
  • Immediately place in an envelope and mail as first class letter ( 1 stamp is sufficient) to

Prolific Earth Sciences, Inc.
2101 Route 17K
Montgomery, NY 12549

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