A Day on the Farm in Brazil

The Sítio Escola Portão Grande is a Brazilian NGO, nonprofit organization which was founded in October 2012.

Sítio Escola Portão Grande hosted students from the Mentoring and Language Acquisition Program (MLAB) for a full day immersion at the farm in Brazil which featured soil testing with microBIOMETER®. MLAB is a mentoring and language acquisition program for Harvard students and Brazilian high school students, with low income and high performance. In addition to mentoring, the program brings foreign students to an immersion in Brazil, exploring themes that motivate them.

The students were delighted to observe the use of microBIOMETER® to assess fertility based on the measurement of soil microbial biomass. It was explained to the students that microBIOMETER® is used monthly to assess the evolution of fertility due to the different inputs applied to the soil, the crops and harvests carried out, as well as throughout the seasons. Therefore, providing a database of great importance to make future decisions. In addition, due to its ease of use, microBIOMETER® also proved to be an good tool to assess the quality of the inputs we produce on the farm, such as bokashi and compost tea, allowing the tuning of the culture media we use for them.

A big thank you to Antonio Feres Neto for sharing this story with us! We love hearing how our customers are using microBIOMETER®.