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“Farming is more fun with microBIOMETER®.”

soil microbesmicroBIOMETER® helping increase soil health in Brazil.

Marcelo Chiappetta of Chiappetta Agricultural Company in Brazil shared with us how microBIOMETER® is assisting them with their soil management efforts. Their main agricultural crops are soybeans and corn. Between those crops, as they have a temperate climate during the winter months in southern Brazil, is the possibility of growing a cover crop mixture of radish, vetch, rye, and oats and feeding the soil with different roots.

Their microBIOMETER® results pictured here from top to bottom are:
  • Degraded Soil
  • Native Forest 1
  • Native Forest 2
  • Cover Crop Mixture
  • Alfafa

Analyzing your fungal to bacterial ratio data.

microBIOMETER® is a great tool for us to manage our soil health. As parameters to compare and create our own soil measurements and to increase our soil quality, we use degraded soils to get the lowest readings and forest soil analysis for the highest. Farming is more fun with microBIOMETER®”, said Marcelo.

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